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"Pride Packages"
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Pride Packages is NOT an 501(c) 3 organization and your donation is not approved for a tax deduction, but a "GIFT FROM THE HEART" 100% of monetary donations go toward the cost of postage required to send the packages through the U.S. Postal Service, and the cost of supplies to be shipped. "Pride Packages" is funded entirely by private donations and staffed exclusively by volunteers.

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What is Pride Packages?
Touched by Pat's Marine son's plea for his fellow comrades that were not receiving packages in Iraq, Pat Garlick decided that the least she could do to help our service people would be to support our U.S. troops abroad and provide what would become know as "Pride Packages."

Inside each package will include a personal note as well as daily devotions and an e-mail address where the service people can contact her with any special needs that they may have while they are deployed.

Pat writes to her Marine son everyday and she knows how important mail and packages are to him. Her son says that you never get enough mail and packages from home.

Pat has written numerous letters to Marines that were not getting mail and sent packages to Marines that were not getting packages. It breaks my heart when I hear that our sons and daughters are fighting in a war thousands of miles away and they aren't receiving letters of support or packages from back home. As long as the war continues, I will send "Pride Packages" till all our service people are back home from being deployed abroad.

Even though a package may be addressed to one soldier, the items may be shared and end up helping a handful of soldiers.


News & Updates

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Proud To Serve Those Who Serve Us

by Frank Mulholland / Managing Editor

Perhaps you missed the recent article about Pat and Eric Garlick and their Pride Packages Project that appeared in the Shelbyville Daily Union (See Monday, March 5)
For those who may not be familiar with this project, the Garlicks work tirelessly sending packages to military personnel who do not normally receive such gifts. The packages contain items that many of us may take for granted, but can be very special if you are in a combat zone. Simple little items such as new socks, microwave popcorn, or Girl Scout Cookies can not only feel or taste good, they can flood your mind with warm memories of home.
Pat started this project back in April 2005. Thus far the Garlicks have sent 380 of these packages. The cost of postage alone is $8.10 for each package. Pat estimates it costs about $20-$25 for the items inside the package. Simple math will tell you that so far this project has cost of over $10,000.
You might ask how do the Garlicks do this? Well, the Garlicks hold garage sales in their own garage to raise funds. Pat Garlick speaks at any organization that invites her to bring awareness and possible donations. The entire family helps with the packing, addressing, and garage sales.
The idea behind this project came when their son Evan Garlick, a Marine was stationed in Iraq. Evan wrote his mother talking about how much packages from home can mean in a unfamiliar, frightening situation like Iraq. Just in passing Evan also wrote about all the young military personnel stationed in Iraq who don't receive mail or packages from home.
That idea that Americans were serving their country in a strange hostile environment and did not receive packages from home, touched Pat's heart. Her slogan for the project is "Proud To Serve Those Who Serve Us."
In every package, Pat takes the time to include a personal note and what she calls daily devotions. She also includes her e-mail address and hears back from many of the soldiers and Marines. Pat has stated she will continue to send these packages until all of our service personnel are home for good.
Back here in Shelbyville we are constantly bombarded with news from the war front. Most of the news we hear is bad and consequently many people oppose the war. I personally have some strong misgivings about the situation. However, the facts are those are our sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, people we love and worry about. I am not pushing the idea that if you don't support the war, then you don't support the troops. That is propaganda from the Bush administration. However, I am suggesting that we support anything we can do here at home that makes our troops in a combat zone more comfortable.
The Garlick's project is something the entire community, for that matter, the entire county should be supporting. Whether you are a business like County Market who has generously donated to this project or an individual who has time or money they can devote to this project, we all need to stand up and be counted.
The Pride Packages project is a winner on so many levels. The packages will brighten up some lonely soldier's day, the people working on the project will have a sense of charity, and by giving, our community will be a better place to live because of that generosity.

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Food Items

Granola bars
Pop tarts
Nutri grain bars
Powered gator aid
Presweetened kool aid
Breakfast bars
Chex mix
Nacho cheese dip in cans
Rice krispies treats
Small containers of Dinty Moore beef stew
Easy mac & cheese
Ramen noodles
Beef jerky
Fruit by the foot
Sunflower seeds
Summer sausage
Squeeze peanut butter
Squeeze jelly
Ketchup/mustard/relish packets
Hot sauce packets
Slim Jims

Non-Food Items

Batteries AA
Writing Tablets
Ink Pens

White Socks
Word Find Books
Crossword Puzzle Books DVD's (You can get $1 DVD's at Wal-Mart)
Hand Held Games Paperback Books Magazines (hunting, sports, etc.)
Aqua Drops
Wipes Without Alcohol
Foot Powder

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